Maddie's Missing Escape Room Game in Cozumel

We are the First Escape the Room Game in Cozumel!

Amid months of smoke & mirrors and swirling rumors that another escape the room game in Cozumel existed somewhere on the island, it is official… we are the first operational escape room in Cozumel and only the third room escape game to open in all of Mexico!

And we’re really proud of that! It took us almost four months to plan, build and then put the final touches on our “Maddie’s Missing” escape the room game in Cozumel.

The results speak for themselves as our very first TripAdvisor review went live today, too! We honestly couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift…

Escape the Room in Cozumel Reviews on TripAdvisorI played this with my 2 daughters and 2 of my adult friends today. We’ve never played an escape room before and we had an absolute blast! I truly loved how the entire theme of the room we played really immersed us into the game. We played “Maddie’s Missing” which was based on the story that we were detectives investigating the mysterious disappearance of a missing girl. The plot twist was fantastic and really fun! The interconnected puzzles and riddles led us to open a series of locks that got us closer and closer to being able to escape the room. We didn’t make it out in the 60 minutes we were given but were really close. The owner, Scott, told us we were really close to finishing but that only about 20% to 30% of the groups make it through. I can’t wait for the two other rooms to open up so that we can play those too! I’m hooked on escape rooms now.

This was family appropriate but the puzzles are probably more suited to teenagers rather than younger children.

"Maddie's Missing" Escape the Room Game in Cozumel, MexicoAfter completing the build out and play testing the “Maddie’s Missing” escape room, we were fortunate enough to welcome three very experienced escape the room game players, along with two energetic newcomers, for our very first booking last Tuesday. The experienced players all said that the theme of the escape room was cohesive, the puzzles, riddles and challenges all made sense in the context of the story. They agreed that the clues were well-thought out, challenging but completely fair.

As the Cozumel escape room’s designer, the greatest compliments I took away were: 1. they absolutely had fun, 2. they encountered original puzzles and 3. that they appreciated the humor I weaved into the story’s theme at key moments during the hour they were playing, which can get very intense!

I’m definitely proud to hear that from these experienced players!

Ultimately, they didn’t escape the room in 60 minutes and were only one challenge shy of escaping. To be fair, only two of the five players had played together before and that can make a significant difference in escaping in time or not.

Here’s to hoping for many more satisfied customers of our escape the room game in Cozumel!

If you would like to play Cozumel Detective Adventure’s escape the room game in Cozumel, please head over to our reservation page for more information and online booking!

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