Escape Room Games as a Team Building Exercise

While the majority of organizations realize that the secret to success is consistent teamwork, the most successful organizations actually engage in targeted team-building exercises at least once each year. One of the best team-building exercises available can be found in the popular new gaming phenomenon known as “escape room games.” Escape rooms have the unique ability to offer organizations a way to increase the performance of the individual, as well as the team as a whole.

The escape room game is one of the hottest new trends in “experience-based consumerism” and is quickly climbing to the top of the entertainment ranks. Escape rooms originated in Asia and have since become wildly popular in the United States, Canada and Europe. Escape Cozumel by Cozumel Detective Adventures was the third room escape game in Mexico and the first escape room in Cozumel.

So, what exactly is an escape room? An escape room game is an immersive live action adventure mystery that takes place inside a themed room. A team of (2-5) players must discover clues, solve a series of mind bending puzzles and riddles, and unravel mysteries in order to complete their mission in 60 action-packed minutes or less. If the team works together and solves all of the puzzles within the hour, they are able to find the key that unlocks the door, and they “escape.”

These same games that individuals are finding so gratifying and mentally challenging are beginning to capture the attention of many corporations and organizations looking to create more productive teams for several reasons. 

First of all, escape rooms are designed to require the work of every member of the team – an individual simply cannot solve all of the mysteries within one hour by his or herself. The team must divide and conquer in order to secure all of the clues while drawing upon the individual‘s knowledge to successfully piece together the clues that will help them escape.

Secondly, each room has a very specific theme, which helps create the sense of reality and urgency. In other words, escape rooms offer the kind of excitement and team building opportunities that cannot be produced in an office setting.

Additionally, escape rooms can do wonders for those employees who have low self esteem. Players are forced to make snap decisions and rely on one’s intuition and judgment to help the team escape. Contributing to the team’s escape is a sure fire way to boost the morale of those employees whose individual performance may be lagging.

The urgency created by escape rooms, along with the volume of mental challenges to be conquered force players to rely on one another, making these games the perfect tool to strengthen a core team. Not only does this experience build their team spirit, but it also makes it easier for employees to trust one another, especially during stressful situations. Escape rooms offer the perfect outlet for employees to have fun, sharpen their mental skills and return to work as better, more confident team players.

Did I happen to mention that they are wildly fun to play too?

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